The National Job Fair
The National Job Fair & Training Expo

Why visit the fair

The National Job Fair is an event of multi-sector recruitment that is open to all persons seeking employment, changing career or wanting to fill their needs for career development in a market of choice Montreal, the second largest city in Canada, Quebec's largest city and one of the largest bilingual cities in the world (French and English) with a market of 3.3 million people.

Companies involved to offer jobs in a wide variety of sectors. Organizations providing employment services, career and entrepreneurship or education programs and continuing education are also participating in the event to meet the needs of job seekers and ensure the development of their careers.

Take advantage of our multi-sector

The concept of the National Job Fair is based on a multi-sector, which turns out to be the form of recruiting the most efficient and most profitable part of a recruitment event since the firms in a sector need of specialized personnel in other sectors to manage all their daily operations. Thus, visitors can not only work directly with employers in their industry, but also employers and leaders in other sectors with vacancies in other sectors.

Enter in the synergy!

Synergy is a keyword in the National Job Fair. By visiting the event, you will have access to a large concentration of vacancies, professional training, education and career services. Where do you have access to such a gathering of recruiters ready to assist you in your career, not at a recruitment event as the National Job Fair? Take advantage of this synergy. A wide variety of positions, both permanent and temporary full-time and part-time in many different areas of continuing education programs and education, employment services await you. Come and see for yourself.

Speak directly to the right people

Speak directly to the right people is always the most effective way to advance their job search process. Nothing can replace direct contact with real recruiters and career development specialists. Several participating companies have more than one office in the Greater Montreal and even in other provinces. You're welcome, even if the event and your place of residence are located in different geographical locations. If you are looking for a new job, if you're ready for a career change, if you want to know the changing job market or you want more information on job search techniques Visit the National Job Fair. A world of opportunity awaits you!

Good reasons to attend the National Job Fair

  • You'll have access to hundreds of jobs.
  • You can postulate for several positions on site.
  • You might be hired by your new employer before you even leave.
  • You can meet directly with human resources specialists from several companies.
  • You save time in your job search process by meeting with many employers under one roof.
  • You'll get information on what recruiters are really looking at candidates.
  • You will receive advice from experienced recruiters.
  • You're in the right place to make a first impression.
  • You will gain experience interviewing.
  • You will increase your network of contacts.
  • You can register for a training program to reach new career horizons.
  • You can attend one or more of our free lectures.
  • You can obtain information about the career you want to continue.
  • You can learn more about your industry.
  • You'll have access to various on-site consulting services to help you find your next job.
  • You can explore various aspects of the labor market.
  • You can satisfy your curiosity.

Human contact, direct contact

The National Job Fair allows candidates to achieve at the same time the first two stages of the recruitment process, either to deliver their curriculem vitae directly to recruiters and recruiters to meet personally.

Just think how many good candidates who escape the recruiters when they start their selection process in their curriculum vitae to realize the importance of the initial meeting. The National Job Fair actually allows recruiters to conduct an initial screening of candidates and interest motivated by meeting (and pre-selecting) those they could not choose based solely on their resume.

If the CV remains a key document validation to help recruiters select candidates, it is in fact a validation step in the overall process of recruiting staff. Direct contact with a candidate as much if not more important than his resume. Most of the time, it only takes a few minutes to see if a candidate is selected for the next stage of selecting a candidate, regardless of the quality or relevance of his CV. Do not miss the opportunity to come in person to employers participating in the National Job Fair.

The success of a company depends on its people and nothing can replace direct contact between a candidate and a recruiter during the pre-selection process or a job seeker who seeks the help of a specialist in development career. To TITTRE, the most effective method to communicate with recruiters is still and always talk to them directly and in person. Meet with them personally to learn more about their jobs, career opportunities and conditions offered by their company, the work environment they offer and how they can meet your needs and your expectations.

Do you recognize yourself?

A wide selection of adult candidates operating in all sectors visit the National Job Fair with the hope of meeting their future employer to meet their staffing needs and advance their careers.

  • Experienced candidates with professional training to job search
  • Candidates with expertise and technical skills
  • Youth Diplomas (candidates early in their careers)Candidates who wish to change jobs
  • Candidates changing careers
  • Candidates in training process continues
  • Candidates who are trained international or foreign
  • Candidates attracted to self-employment and entrepreneurship
  • Candidates wishing to make a return to school
  • Quebec residents, Canadian citizens
  • Landed immigrants and newcomers
  • College Students
  • University students (1st - 2nd-3rd cycles)

What visitors are looking

Applicants covered by the National Job Fair include all persons wishing to develop their careers and find a job in line with their professional and personal goals. All candidates are welcome in general, but specifically the candidates of the Greater Montreal and its surrounding areas. The event is open to adult candidates and especially to those who are:

  • looking for a job full time, part time, temporary, seasonal or occasional
  • interested in changing jobs (in the same sector)
  • interested in a career change to evolve into a new or second career (in another)
  • interested in conducting business internships, paid or unpaid
  • Interested in volunteering in Quebec, in Canada or abroad
  • interested in meeting contacts in career development, employment services and cargo services
  • interested in obtaining information on the labor market
  • interested in finding job opportunities and careers in a variety of sectors
  • Interested in learning more about the techniques of job search
  • interested in becoming self-employed, start a business, starting a business
  • interested in improving their skills (training)
  • interested in improving their English or learn a second or third language

Where do you come from?

The National Job Fair is presented at the heart of Greater Montreal, which has a population of 3.3 million people. Greater Montreal is the largest bilingual francophone market in North America. About 40% of Quebec's population is bilingual (French and English).

  • Island of Montreal (1.8 million people, of whom 56% are bilingual and 17% are trilingual)
  • Greater Montreal (3.3 million people, of whom 52% are bilingual and 24% are trilingual)

You live in Montreal?

  • The Island of Montreal is the territory's primary national fair employment.

You live in the suburbs of Montreal?

  • Residents of the North Shore of Montreal, which includes the cities of Laval, Blainville, Rosemère, Boisbriand, Ste-Thérèse, Bois-des-Filions, Mirabel, Terrebonne, St-Eustache, Deux-Montagnes, Lachenaie and Mascouche, are welcome.
  • Residents of the South Shore of Montreal, which includes the cities of Longueuil, Brossard, Saint-Bruno, Saint-Lambert, Saint-Hubert, Valleyfield, Chambly, La Prairie, Varennes, Belœil and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, are welcome.

You live in the surrounding areas of Greater Montreal?

The Laurentians, Lanaudière, Montérégie, Estrie and Centre-du-Québec are surrounding areas of Greater Montreal and are among the target markets of the National Job Fair.

Categories of available positions

Categories of available positions offered by the exhibitors in all respects reflect the labor market and are therefore also varied.

  • Positions of junior and senior
  • Full-time positions
  • Part time jobs
  • Contract Positions
  • Temporary posts
  • Seasonal Positions
  • Casual
  • Volunteer Positions

Who are the exhibitors?

If your organization is part of one or the other or more of the categories below, your presence among the exhibitors at the National Job Fair is desired and even highly recommended:


  • Private companies, public and parapubliquesdu Quebec and Canada (multi-sectors)
  • Agents recruitment
  • Crown Corporations
  • Government Service, ministries and other governmental
  • Agencies Headhunters

Training and education

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Centre for Continuing Education
  • Centres of Vocational and Technical Education
  • Schools specialized training
  • Language Schools
  • Professional bodies and associations
  • Providers of resources in education
  • Providers of distance education programs
  • Interest groups

Government (municipal, provincial and federal)

  • Departments of Employment, Labour and Immigration
  • Other government departments
  • Institutions and Agencies
  • Secretary to the population growth
  • Municipalities
  • Regional Economic Development Corporations
  • Chambers of Commerce


  • Organizations that specialize in development of entrepreneurship
  • Organizations specialists in services to small businesses
  • Service providers and resources for self-employed
  • Independent consultants
  • Franchise operators

Employment services and career development

  • Job Centres
  • Service Centers Career Development
  • Carrefours jeunesse emploi
  • Job Clubs
  • Organizations that specialize in services and resources to immigrants and newcomers
  • Organizations that specialize in services for people who are trained abroad (research equivalence)
  • Service centers for immigrants
  • Professional resume writers
  • Guidance counselors
  • Consultants in life coaching career

Who are the recruiters?

Employment specialists

Recruiters of human resources services that you meet at the National Job Fair are professionals and hiring managers. Their job is to spend time with candidates who are interested. When selecting a candidate, they want to be sure that their company spends time and resources effectively. To this end, the recruiter is to meet as many candidates as possible to find the one that best suits the needs of its business.

While most candidates who are hired through their visit to the National Job Fair will be in the few weeks following the event, it remains with hiring managers present, there is a real possibility that a candidate can be hired on the spot before he even leaves the showroom!

Specialists in employment services and career development

Recruiters employment services and nonprofit organizations (employment, career and training organization linked) to the National Fair Employment and Training Expo are dedicated professionals to help you optimize your search employment.

These specialists provide support, information, counseling and job search techniques for those who want to maximize their job search process.

Specialists in training and education

Representatives of the admission offices of vocational training institutes and specialized educational institutions and training centers present at the National Job Fair looking to improve your knowledge.

They are here to provide relevant information about their training programs, the level of training you need to leverage your career opportunities, to learn about the costs and duration of their programs and scholarships available studies and to inform you about the types of jobs or positions you can get after completing your training.

The labor market is a world in flux, these organizations are essential in planning your future. The admission officers are there to help those who are simply interested in a program of study or training "fail hand and, on the other hand, those wishing to change careers that require a return to school or 'acquisitoin a new formation. It is important to carefully evaluate all options available to you


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