The National Job Fair
The National Job Fair & Training Expo

Who attends the fair

The National Job Fair is a multisecator recruitment event is open to all local, regional, provincial and national organizations looking for a quality event to raise awareness and meet with their recruitment needs in a market of choice: Montreal, the seconf largest city in Canada, Quebec's largest city and one of the largest bilingual in the world (French and English) with a market of 3.3 million people.

Companies from all sectors who have positions to fill as well as organizations providing employment, career and entrepreneurship services or continuing education programs are welcome.

What exhibitors are looking for?

  • To recruit qualified and motivated candidates interested to achieve their career goals and ensuring the employers' business development
  • To establish direct and personalized contacts with candidates
  • To promote their organization, their job offers, their working environment, their values and their needs
  • To educate the public on the needs and trendsof their industry
  • To increase exposure and awareness of their products and services

Categories of jobs offered by exhibitors

Categories of positions offered by the exhibitors reflect today's labour market and, as such, are as varied as the market..

  • Senior and junior positions
  • Full-time positions
  • Part-time positions
  • Contract oppotunities
  • Temporary jobs
  • Seasonal jobs
  • Summer jobs
  • Casual work
  • Volunteer work

Take advantage of our multi-sector approach: the most effective form of recruitment

The concept of The National Job Fair of Montreal is based on a multisector approach, which turns out to be the the most efficient and most profitable form of recruitment. An average company needs employees from several sectors to run it efficiently. To better illustrate the importance of our multisector approach: An IT company, an engineering firm, a retailer or a finance business are specialized in one sector, but they all need employees from several sectors to run their organization. Thus, exhibitors meet with potential candidates to fill various positions at a single, large event.

Enjoy the human contact with direct contact

The National Job Fair of Mont real allows recruiters to perform the first two stages of the recruitment process at the same time: A direct contact with candidates and obtaining their resumé. How many good candidates are lost by the recruiters when those start their selection process with the resumé? The resumé doesn't show the communication skills, the personality, etc. The initial contact makes a difference. The National Job Fair allows recruiters to conduct an initial screening with interested and motivated candidates by meeting (and preselecting) them in person. Thus, recruiters do not choose the candidates based solely on their resumé.

If the resumé remains a key document that help recruiters to validate the selection of candidates on a factual basis, direct contact with a candidate is as much important than its experience and qualifications. Most of the time, it only takes a few minutes to see if a candidate will be selected for the next stage of the selecting process, regardless of the quality or relevance of the resumé.

If you know that the success of your company depends on people, you know the importance of the direct contact between a candidate and a recruiter during the preselection process. The most effective method to communicate with candidates to learn more about their career path and how they can meet your hiring needs for today and tomorrow is to talk to them directly.


If your organization is part of the organizations listed below, your exhibit at The National Job Fair of Montreal is not only welcome, but highly recommended:


  • Employers (private and public) from all sectors
  • Placement agencies
  • Head-hunting agencies
  • Education and training institutions
  • Governement (municipal, provincial and federal)
  • Crown corporations

Training and education

  • Colleges (AEC)
  • Universities
  • Continuing-education centres
  • Technical and professional training institutes
  • Vocational and training institutions
  • Professional bodies
  • Career training facilities
  • Undergraduate and postgraduates programs
  • Educational resource providers
  • Distance education providers
  • Language learning centre
  • Associations
  • Community groups

Government (municipal, provincial and federal)

  • Governmental organizations and agencies
  • Employment and immigration departments
  • Employment, labour and education programs
  • Population growth secretariat
  • Municipalities
  • Ministries (provincial and federal)
  • Regional economic development corporations
  • Education and tourism councils
  • Boards of trade and commerce / Chamber of Commerce
  • Consulates (international)
  • International departments of immigration and citizenship


  • Organizations specializing in the promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Organizations specializing in small businesses development
  • Service providers and resources for self-employment
  • Independent consultants
  • Franchise operators

Career and employment services

  • Employment services centres
  • Career services centres
  • New Canadians services
  • Services for internationally trained individuals
  • Immigrant services
  • Services for persons with disabilities
  • Professional resumé writers
  • Professional career counsellors
  • Coaching organizations
  • Guidance counselors


Who are they?

A wide selection of adult candidates involved in all sectors visit The National Job Fair of Montreal with the hope of meeting their future employers and meet their staffing needs.

  • Candidates - employed, under-employed or unemployed - with professional qualifications looking for a job
  • Candidates with valuable experience and technical skills
  • New graduates from colleges and universities
  • Candidates looking fora second career
  • Candidates in career transition
  • Candidates looking to return to work
  • Candidates looking for mobility (other cities in Ontario, other provinces and abroad)
  • Candidates looking continuing-education
  • Internationally trained candidates
  • Candidates attracted to self-employment and entrepreneurship
  • Candidates interested to go back to school
  • Ontario residents, Canadian citizens
  • New Canadians, landed immigrants and newcomers
  • Visible minority workers
  • Candidates with disabilities
  • Bilingual (French-English) candidates
  • University students
  • College students

What are they seeking?

Candidates invited to The National Job Fair of Montreal include all individuals wishing to develop their careers and looking for a job in line with their professional and personal goals. All candidates are welcome in general, but more specifically the candidates of the Greater Montreal Area and its surrounding regions. The event is open to adult candidates and especially to those who are:

  • Interested in finding work: full-time, part-time, contract, temporary, seasonal, summer, volunteer or occasional
  • Interested in a job change (in the same sector)
  • Interested in a career change to evolve into a new or second career (in another sector)
  • Interested in meeting specialists in career development, employment services and support services
  • Interested in getting information on the labour market
  • Interested in employment and career trends in a variety of sectors
  • Interested in learning more about job-search techniques
  • Interested in self-employment, in starting a small business
  • Interested in improving their skills (continuing-training)
  • Interested in relocating within Canada
  • Interested in conducting internships, paid or unpaid
  • Interested in volunteering in Montreal, in Canada or abroad
  • Interested in acquiring international experience
  • Interested to learn a second or third language
  • Interested in getting career information, advice and support


Targer markets: Recruiting in the Greater Montreal Area and its surrounding regions

The National Job Fair is presented in the heart of the largest French-language market in North America, where about 40% of the population is bilingual (French and English). The market of Greater Montreal has a population of 3.3 million people.

  • Island of Montreal (1.8 million people, of which 56% are bilingual and 17% are trilingual)
  • Greater Montreal (3.3 million people, of which 52% are bilingual and 24% are trilingual)

The primary target market

  • Island of Montreal

The secondary target market

  • North-Shore of Montreal, Rive-Nord de Montréal, which includes the cities of Laval, Blainville, Rosemère, Boisbriand, Ste-Thérèse, Bois-des-Filion, Mirabel, Terrebonne, St-Eustache, Deux-Montagnes, Lachenaie et Mascouche.
  • South-Shore of Montreal, which inlcudes the cities of Longueuil, Brossard, Saint-Bruno, Saint-Lambert, Saint-Hubert, Valleyfield, Chambly, La Prairie, Varennes, Belœil and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

The third target market

  • Regions of Laurentides, Lanaudière, Montérégie, Estrie and Centre-du-Québec are also surrounding regions of Greater Montreal and are part of our visitor target markets.

Why participate

Discover here why The National Job Fair of Montreal saves time, resources and budget. Learn how we can be part of your overall recruitment strategy. There are many good reasons to become an exhibitor. By participating, companies benefit from the dynamics of our recruitment event in several ways.

Because you will enter a world of mutual benefit.

Employers, trainers, educators, consultants, career services and government services gather to meet the candidates and discover mutual benefits on the labour market.

Because you will meet the future workforce of your organization.

You have the opportunity to meet candidates that could become an important asset for your organization. The future of your business depends on your employees. Meet candidates who are ready to meet your future staff needs.

Because you will meet experienced candidates according to your selection criteria .

You can preselect hundreds of new candidates based on your own criteria such as qualifications, suitability, experience, education and training of candidates.

Because you will combine the early stages of the selection process.

When recruiters meet with candidates, the first minutes are critical to determine whether a candidate has the potential for a further interviewing. Better than the resumé can do it! The National Job Fair of Montreal helps you improve your efficiency by combining the first steps of the selection process. It accelerates the development of your organization, which is even better.

Because you get the maximum number of contacts in the shortest time with candidates.

A major advantage of The National Job Fairof Montreal is that you spend your time and energy to focus on recruitment for two consecutive day with no distraction. You do more in two days than you could probably do in several weeks. You focus on your recruitment at low cost.

Because you will reach the market of the Greater Montreal Area.

The main target audience of The National Job Fair is the Greater Montreal Area. You can also access candidates from the surrounding regions to fill positions in your offices located in that territory.

Because you have an extensive advertising campaign.

Our advertising campaign, valued at more than $350,000, allow you to reach a captive audience of over 10 000 highly motivated and skilled candidates (average per event) on a silver platter. The whole advertising campaign reaches an estimated two million people. You can reach a captive audience at low cost.

Because you can maximize your exposure and make your needs known to about 1 million people before the event.

Finding new candidates can be costly in time and money. Our partnership with Le Journal de Montréal offers exhibitors the exclusive opportunity to get special color advertising rates in a special section (Show Guide) inserted in the Sunday edition before the event.

Because you will feel the difference.

The National Job Fair of Montreal is not just a job and career fair. We have the know-how. Feel free to use us as an efficient extension of the recruitment service or human resources department of your organization. Feel free to incorporate our event into your event marketing strategies. We can spread the word about your organization. We can offer you the exposure you need.

Need more reasons for you to become an exhibitor?

  • Stimulate your recruiting and marketing teams.
  • Promote your services and enhance your branding.
  • Conduct or schedule interviews with preselected candidates.
  • Access the “hidden” job market: Thousands of attendees are working, but are looking for a new job or are ready for a career change.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
  • Build a large bank of qualified and available candidates.
  • Support and / or combine efforts with your event marketing department.
  • Do cross-promotions and special events with a higher impact.
  • Be part of the largest recruitment event in Canada
  • Team up with an organization recognized for its good business practices, professional ethic, quality client service and friendly approach.

Enjoy the real interactivity!

Take advantage of the synergy

"Synergy" is a keyword at The National Job Fair of Montreal. By participating, your organization has a direct access to over 10,000 serious, skilled and motivated candidates expected. Attendees are ready to apply for a job, not to mention their interest in training, education and career development services offered on site.

Enjoy Montreal's gathering of candidates brought together by The National Job Fair, consisting of attendees willing to work and ready to start the hiring process of participating employers.

A wide variety of positions from many sectors are available at the event. Add the positions you are looking to fill within your company to that list by becoming an exhibitor and take advantage of the synergy generated by the event.

Global recruitment strategy

The National Job Fair of Montreal is an effective recruitment strategy. Our goal is to help recruiters reach candidates they seek. As an recruiter, you will achieve your hiring or recruiting goals faster and at a lower cost by integrating The National Job Fair of Montreal in your overall recruitment strategy.


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