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Regionalization of immigration: a job, a life plan

Regionalization of immigration: a job, a life plan

The National Job Fair and the Réseau des organismes en régionalisation de l'immigration du Québec (RORIQ) are working together as part of the National Job Fair, thanks to an exclusive partnership established in 2011 between the two organizations.

This partnership will allow all visitors - and especially the immigrants - to receive special attention to give them the support needed to access career opportunities in almost all regions of Quebec. These regional opportunities are made possible with the participation of fifteen organizations in the regionalization of immigration, and RORIQ members, who will attend the event. These organizations specialize in intercultural will come with several regional employers who have their own stand on the spot to meet with candidates interested in working in the regions.

In addition to meeting with professional counselors in regionalization, visitors will have access to a wealth of information on these regions,such as: the environment and quality of life, cost of living, economic development, resources for families, access to health care, community network, schools, cultural activities, leisure and outdoor.


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