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History of the fair

History of the fairs

The National Education Fair was co-founded in 1996 by Cristina Romero and Louise Benoît under its original name of Education and Training Fair. Some time later, Louise Benoît has left the organization to devote herself solely to the Parents and Kids Fair, she founded and still runs today. Cristina Romero has directed the Education and Training Fair for nearly 10 years, until she left the company to pursue new projects when it was acquired by Daniel Levesque in December 2005. He then became the new and sole owner of INEO.

At the 10th edition of the fair, in 2005, the last before the arrival of Daniel Levesque, took place the initial split of the event into two distinct parts, one dedicated to education (Education Fair) and one for the job market (Training Career Fair). With its extensive experience in job fairs, Daniel Levesque has gradually developed the two-pronged approach to full integration of the double concept in 2009, when the fairs have been renamed The National Education Fair and The National Job Fair to better reflect their themes and their respective influence. Led by Daniel Levesque, the fairs have become national events.

Upon arriving at the conclusion of the 2005 edition, Daniel Levesque has established a development plan for five years, whose goal was to present a three-part event identity, each of which would operate independently of the other two, but presented simultaneously in the same place because of the complementarity of their themes and their target clientele of visitors and exhibitors.

In 2010, INEO has finalized its five year development plan with the creation of its third component: The Study & Stay Abroad Fair, an event that promotes mobility and international experience to young people and adults from Quebec in general and from the Greater Montreal in particular.

Daniel Levesque is also president and founder of The National Job Fair & Training Expo in Toronto, which he founded in 2002. It is the largest general public event (adults) specializing in employment, education, training and careers in Ontario and the most influential of its kind in Canada, THE reference in the field of job fairs. The acquisition of the Montreal fairs has created a unique synergy between the markets of Montreal and Toronto in the field of recruitment events. Since 2006, exhibitors, sponsors and partners of the fairs in Montreal and Toronto can do business with the same team in both platforms complementary event in the two largest markets in Canada.

Daniel Levesque pursuing the fairs’ mission with enthusiasm. Daniel’s approach is to preserve the fairs’ assets and to protect their heritage, while working to develop their components, implement new ideas and, moreover, establish a unique team approach between the organizers, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and suppliers..

The acquisition of the Montreal fairs in 2005 has made its organization the largest in Canada in the field of generral public recruitment fairs.


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